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Method Of Making Ice Cream Stick Mat Small

Weishan Dawei Wood Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2016

Make ice-cream bar they made something fun and practical for daily use and character decoration, has not only effectively reduce waste handling their pressure on the environment, also enriched our lives in the summer.

So following for everyone share a making Cup pad of new method, collection enough more of ice cream rod, out four root, in each root of two with scissors cut out following of two small gap, gap of width is equal to ice cream rod of thickness, gap of depth for width of half, four root cut good gap of ice cream Rod as square of chassis, joint at with LaTeX bonded, chassis tightened got side-by-side floor Shang a layer ice cream rod, joint at also with LaTeX in opposite stick, a is green of Cup pad on do has, very convenient simple.

Although we used thousands of pieces of popsicle sticks to make boats, House of such advanced gadgets probably don't have much time, but we can use to do something as simple as introduce coasters have not been regular small production is to, if you have any new idea, also welcomed the discussion.